What’s Making Me Happy This Week

What's Making Me HappySometime last summer, on one of my countless road trips between Atlanta and Tampa, I stumbled upon NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour.  This weekly podcast features four panelists discussing everything pop culture, from National Comic Book Day and opera music to romance novels and Super Bowl Chicken Eating Contests.  In addition to the insightful discussion, there is, often, a lot of laughter.

At the end of each episode, all of the panelists share “what’s making us happy this week.”  Last summer, as I drove that endless, empty stretch of I-75, I marveled at this simple, beautiful ritual.  It was such an unpretentious practice of gratitude.  Furthermore, the segment engages the panelists in a radical form of commentary that purposefully celebrates, rather than critiques, culture.  I wanted to be part of that joyful resistance.

Which brings us to today.  Below are some of the things that are making me happy this week.  I hope they bring you a smile.  More so, however, I hope they encourage you to identify and appreciate all the things (and people and events and Chicken Eating Contests) that made you happy this past week.  Perhaps, in this small way, we may not only feel joy, but spread it.

What’s Making Me Happy This Week:

An interesting (and important) conversation: Why Islam and Feminism Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

As someone who loves Cabernet and lives in Florida, this was great news: You Have Our Permission to Chill Your Red Wine

I got totally sucked into the first season of unREAL on Hulu this week.  I still can’t quite determine whether I’m enjoying the show’s critique of reality TV or show’s reality TV elements.  I guess I’ll just have to keep watching to figure it out. =)

My husband just finished this gem, and I hope to dive into it over the weekend: Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps that Explain Everything about the World

Finally, we’re heading to Miami for the long weekend and Nomadic Matt’s Travel Guide was super helpful.  If you have suggestions for places to check out in Miami, please put them in the comments.


What's Making Me Happy This Week

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