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A little about me: My name is Melissa (because it was the only name that neither of my parents despised) Wentzel Horan (because, after almost two years of marriage, I am still going back-and-forth about taking my husband’s name).  I recently moved to Tampa, my husband’s hometown, after living a quarter-century in the DC metro area.  I am still shocked every day by my Florida residency, but I enjoy the sunshine, the water, and the quick drive to my nieces.  I just finished up a Master’s Degree in Divinity (yes, it is exactly as pompous as it sounds) at Emory University in Atlanta, and this blog is certainly an extension of my ongoing spiritual journey.

A little about the blog: As the name hopefully indicates, this blog walks that delicate line between the traditional notions of “sacred” and “secular.”  It relishes the beauty of sainted glass and Anthropologie dresses; it enjoys the stories of both saints and celebrities.  God, in my very limited understanding of Him/Her, is not only present on the physical grounds of a church or in the words of the Bible.  Rather, revelations of God’s grace surround us, and we can spy such revelations more clearly when we are actively cultivating our spiritual life.  Worshiping.  Praying.  Meditating.  Studying the Bible.  Reading the great theologians.  Reflecting on our own experiences.  These practices are part of a long-standing tradition that the Jesuits refer to as “contemplation in action.” I have, by no means, mastered this art, especially given my lifelong struggle with generalized anxiety.  This blog, however, is part of my humble effort to embrace such a life of faith.

A little note to readers: As a practicing Catholic who loves nondenominational worship services and holds a degree from a Methodist seminary, I am working from a Catholic Christian perspective.  In the words of the priest at my local church, however, our celebration and understanding of the divine is enriched, not hindered, by those from other traditions.  At the risk of sounding cheesy, I’m going to say something that perhaps isn’t said enough, all are welcome here.

Thanks again for stopping by!  I hope you’ll pour yourself a glass of wine and join in on the conversation.  We are going to have a grand journey.  Cheers, dear friend!

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